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How scammers target veterans regarding SSD benefits

On Behalf of | May 22, 2024 | Social Security Disability

Scammers frequently target veterans and their families with schemes related to Social Security disability benefits. These fraudsters exploit the financial stability and sense of duty of military personnel to steal their money.

By learning about common scams, veterans and service members can recognize and avoid them.

Fraudulent claims of assistance

One common scam involves fraudulent claims of assistance. Scammers pose as legitimate representatives who offer to help veterans apply for Social Security disability benefits. They promise faster processing times or help filling out paperwork in exchange for a fee. In reality, they either provide no help or even steal personal information.

Promises of increased benefits

Another scheme targets veterans with offers to increase their disability benefits. Callers claim they can move assets or reclassify income to qualify veterans for higher benefits. These scammers charge high fees for their services and often provide false information, which can lead to legal issues and loss of benefits.

Phishing tactics

Dishonest people also use phishing tactics to steal personal information. They send emails and texts or make phone calls pretending to be from the SSA. These messages often look or sound official and may request sensitive information such as social security numbers, bank account details or passwords. The SSA never requests personal information through these methods. Veterans should never share personal details unless they are sure of the recipient’s identity and legitimacy.

Fake charities

Fake charities are another tactic scammers use. They create fake organizations that claim to support veterans and their families. These fake charities ask for donations, which the fraudsters pocket. Before donating, individuals should research the charity’s legitimacy through websites such as Charity Watch or Charity Navigator.

Special military deals

Special military deals can also be traps. Con artists offer veterans exclusive discounts on products or services. They often request payment upfront and disappear without delivering the goods. Veterans should avoid sending money to unknown individuals and verify the legitimacy of such deals.

Scammers know that veterans’ sense of duty and honor can be a pathway to their hearts and wallets. Veterans and service members should remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities.