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Workplace injuries and mental health

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Workplace Injuries

If you become hurt on the job, you could face a variety of unique challenges. For example, you could struggle to support your family or miss out on an event you have trained for due to your injuries. Pain, medical expenses and lost wages make recovery challenging for many injured workers. All of these issues could leave you feeling overwhelmed or even hopeless, and it is important to focus on your mental health as you try to recover from a workplace accident.

Unfortunately, research shows that injured workers suffer in different ways with regard to mental health.

Research on mental health and injured workers

The National Center for Biotechnology Information published a study that explored psychological distress among those who suffered injuries at work. This study, which examined data on U.S. workers who suffered injuries between 2004 and 2016, found that occupational injuries increase the likelihood of psychological distress. Those who sustain an injury while working could suffer as a result of different mental health issues, such as anxiety, stress disorders and depression.

An injury at work can adversely impact mental health in numerous ways. For example, you could lose contact with coworkers and friends who provide you with support. Intense physical pain can make daily life very hard, and you could have overwhelming stress due to serious financial hurdles.

Focusing on mental health after a workplace injury

Workplace injuries can lead to a variety of physical, financial and mental hardships. It is crucial to prioritize your mental well-being in the wake of an injury and pursue any resources that could facilitate your recovery. If you are eligible for workers’ compensation, these benefits could help you address the challenges you face, provide you with a sense of hope and lower your stress levels.