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Do skin disorders qualify for Social Security Disability benefits?

The general requirement to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits is that you have a medical condition that will be permanent or lead to your death. The Social Security Administration has files on every type of disorder or illness imaginable.

Its disability listing for skin disorders states that it covers those acquired through contact and genetics.


When evaluating the severity and the qualifications for benefits, the SSA considers a variety of factors about your specific condition. These include looking at how often you have flare-ups or the presence of the condition. The SSA also considers when the condition began, how long flare-ups last, and where your lesions show up on your body. It also will assess the appearance of your lesions.

The SSA also will investigate how the condition began and why it is occurring, including any environmental exposures and your family history. It will look into how you function outside of a protected environment.


You will need to provide the SSA with evidence about your condition. You need to provide laboratory findings and doctor’s files. You may have to undergo a biopsy from an independent lab.

Work impact

The SSA wants to determine how your skin disorder impacts your ability to work. Assessing the lesions and how often you experience flare-ups, will determine if your disorder qualifies under its definition of disability. The SSA generally determined that when your condition interferes with movement and lesions that appear on the palms of the hands or soles of the feet are severe enough to pass the test. But other aspects may also qualify your disorder as a disability that will allow you to receive benefits.