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What are some common causes of back pain at the workplace?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

While working individuals can experience different types of injuries at their jobs, few are more troublesome yet as common as back pain. The Mayo Clinic reports that a variety of jobs, from nursing to construction, can affect different areas of the back and cause nagging to severe pain, depending on the type of injury suffered.

Back pain can result from several different workplace conditions; however, both employees and management may reduce the risk by remaining aware of several common factors that cause back injuries and pain.

Inadequate back support

Employees who sit at a desk or computer station all day can develop pain in the lower back if their desk chairs do not offer adequate support. Inexpensive chairs with low or minimal backing can place pressure on the spine and cause discomfort or chronic pain.

Lifting heavy objects

Employees who stock shelves, work construction and deliver heavy packages have a higher risk of suffering a back injury than those who work at sedentary jobs. In most cases, lifting injuries occur when individuals put too much force on their spine and do not bend their knees. Employees may also experience injuries when they underestimate the weight of an object and put sudden pressure on their backs as they attempt to continue lifting it.

Repetitive motions

Factory workers may have a higher risk for back injuries that occur with repetitive motions, especially those that involve bending, turning and twisting. Over time, these motions can cause spinal or muscular injuries that can cause consistent and considerable back pain.

Employees can prevent the development of back pain by lifting heavy objects with a partner and practicing proper posture when sitting at a desk.