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What are the medical evidence requirements for disability benefits?

Qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits is not the easiest thing to do. The Social Security Administration has very strict rules and guidelines to be able to receive these benefits.

Part of the requirements is proving you have a qualifying medical condition. The SSA will require you to prove medical evidence. But you must follow the guidelines for doing so or you could get a denial.


Your medical evidence must show beyond a doubt that you have an existing medical condition. The evidence must come from a medical source approved by the SSA. It should be objective evidence.


The evidence also needs to show the severity of your condition. It must prove your condition is severe enough to prevent you from working. This evidence can come from medical personnel or other sources that would have first-hand knowledge of how the condition impacts your ability to work.


You will need to show evidence of your symptoms and how they impact your life. These details need to be specific and provide as much information as possible about the way the symptoms affect you and your ability to do daily tasks and work tasks. You also need to outline what might aggravate the symptoms or cause them to appear. Also, include information about medication or other methods used to control the symptoms.

The bottom line is that you need to show evidence that your medical condition impacts you in such a way that you cannot work. You also need to show that it will last at least one year continuously. If you cannot prove this through your medical evidence, then you likely will not qualify for disability benefits.