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How your employer can create a safety culture at work

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

Staying safe at work in Pennsylvania is not an objective you can achieve alone. Your employer also upholds the responsibility of creating a safe and functional environment where you can perform your work with ease.

When you know some of the ways that your employer can create a culture of safety, you can hold them accountable. Your knowledge might encourage you to take a stand when you notice hazards.

Develop safety training

Safety training will look different depending on where you work, the industry you work in and the job responsibilities you manage. Your employer should contribute adequate resources to developing and maintaining a safety training program. The resources in this program should provide education and hands-on learning to help you know information including the following:

  • How to perform your job safely
  • How to use safety gear and equipment
  • How to report a safety hazard
  • How to respond to an emergency

Enforce disciplinary policies

Your employer should also have a disciplinary policy in place for employees who choose not to comply with safety standards. According to Indeed.com, taking shortcuts and skipping steps, for example, can jeopardize everyone’s safety. Actions such as these should receive immediate attention and discipline. If you notice a coworker ignoring guidelines, you can report your concerns to a supervisor or the human resources department.

If you suffer an injury at work because your employer acted negligently, your life may change significantly. Under such circumstances, you might consider filing a lawsuit to recuperate some of the damages you have suffered. Keeping a record of your experiences can provide support if you do choose to take legal action.