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How can surgeons repair your rotator cuff?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

Many rotator cuff injuries occur due to work-related incidents. Your rotator cuff may suffer a tear from an acute injury or it may tear because of repetitive motion. According to Mayo Clinic, doctors diagnose rotator cuff injuries by pressing on different areas of the shoulder and moving the arm to other positions.

A doctor may use x-rays, MRIs and ultrasounds to diagnose and surgical intervention to treat the rotator cuff.

Surgical intervention

There are various surgeries doctors may suggest repairing a rotator cuff. Shoulder replacement is the most serious treatment. Severe rotator cuff injuries may require the surgeon to replace the shoulder. The surgeon can install the ball of the joint onto the shoulder blade and socket onto the arm’s bone to stabilize the joint.

The surgeon may insert a camera through a small incision to reattach it to the bone to repair tendons. The physician may need to open the area to perform the repair in other cases. If the tendon becomes too damaged, the surgeon can use a nearby tendon to replace the damage.

Therapy and conservative treatments

Some patients only need rest and physical therapy to recover from a rotator cuff injury. If you undergo surgery, you will require physical therapy following the surgery. To reduce pain, doctors may use steroid injections. The shots may reduce pain temporarily. After surgery, mind your movements and pace yourself in your daily activities.

After suffering a rotator cuff injury, you should avoid painful movements. Do not perform any heavy lifting or reach over your head until the pain eases.