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Does returning to work mean your SSD benefits end?

Knowing that you cannot work for the foreseeable future may cause uncertainty. Social security disability benefits can provide a great deal of relief when you experience an unexpected injury at work in Pennsylvania.

When you reach a point in your recovery where you feel ready to return to work, you may wonder what this change will mean for your SSD benefits. Understanding the correlation between working and SSD can help you strategize your return without losing your benefits right away.

SSA incentives

The Social Security Administration fully supports injured workers returning to work. In fact, the SSA provides several return-to-work incentives including the following:

  • Extended period of eligibility
  • Expedited reinstatement
  • Trial work period
  • Assistance with disability-related expenses needed for work

Each of these programs has unique requirements that enable you to reacclimate to the workplace while continuing to receive your benefits. Your responsibility is to promptly inform the SSA of any changes to the number of hours you work and your income.

Employer support

Your employer should also provide support as you transition back into the workplace. This may include outfitting your workspace with needed modifications, allowing you to telecommute and suggesting alternative roles for you to participate in while you continue your recovery. As you prepare to eventually resume work at your maximum volume, you will want to readily communicate with your medical team, your employer and the SSA.

Your attorney can help you strategize your return to work. Collaborating with a legal professional can help you learn the expectations of the SSA and other entities so you can avoid mistakes along the way.