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Permanent injuries from forklift accidents may qualify for SSDI

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration requires employers to train and monitor their forklift operators. As noted by MHLNews.com, employers could prevent 70% of powered industrial truck accidents by properly training their employees.

As noted by OSHA, implementing proper safety policies could reduce workplace injuries. Accidents involving lift trucks occur nearly 100,000 times each year. Failing to refuel a forklift, not recharging its batteries and getting on or off incorrectly may lead to injuries. An accident resulting in a permanent disability may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance.

Common and severe accident scenarios involving forklifts

OSHA reports that the most common accidents involving lift trucks result from falling loads and rollovers. Objects may fall from the truck or from shelves and pallets that store materials. Driving at an unsafe speed or carrying a heavy load could cause an operator to lose control.

Overturned forklift incidents could lead to severe injuries or fatalities. As noted on ForkliftCertification.com, an overturning lift truck could crush its operator. The forklift may also hit or crush other employees working nearby.

Repetitive motion or stress injuries from forklift operation

Forklift drivers may experience neck and back pain from sitting in the same position for extended periods. Over time, even trained lift truck operators may develop stress injuries. Their feet, knees and legs could experience harm.

Forklift jobs often require performing repetitive motions during long work shifts. Placing stress on the same body parts and muscles could eventually result in permanent damage to tissues in the shoulders, back and arms.

Employees operating high-powered forklifts face risks of severe injuries that could result in a disability. A permanent injury resulting from an on-the-job accident may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance.