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Do you have trip and fall risks at work?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

No matter how safe a line of work is, the possibility for workplace injuries and accidents to occur always exists. This is especially true of trip and fall incidents, which can occur at any time and at any place.

It is thus important to understand how workplace trip and fall risks manifest, and what can happen to help mitigate these risks.

Common injuries from falls

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration discusses some of the risks associated with falls at work. Some of the most common include broken bones which, depending on the bone broken and the severity of the break, can lead to a sufferer taking weeks of time off of work to heal. Injuries to the back and hips in particular tend to manifest in lengthy and difficult healing processes.

Sources of trip hazards

The most common trip hazards are often also the easiest to avoid or clear up. Some can include uneven flooring, such as a sudden drop off after a one-step staircase or sloped pavement below a carpet.

Another is slick and slippery flooring without adequate warning. For example, an employee who recently cleaned a floor may forget to leave a wet floor sign out. Cords also present an enormous hazard, with many dark cords blending into the ground and tripping unsuspecting people as they walk by.

Of course, a fall incident does not serve in the best interest of either the company or the employees. However, accidents can happen and no workplace is entirely proofed from mishaps. When workers end up injured, then, it is important that they have access to medical aid that they may need.