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Are you covered by workers’ compensation?

Nobody wants to deal with unnecessary confusion or stress while dealing with an injury. When it comes to hospital bills or missing days at work, you want to know there are resources and support to help you through.

If you suffered your injury while on the job, you might wonder if workers’ compensation is that resource.

Consider the injury

It is easy to imagine obvious injury cases that fall under workers’ compensation. You might think of a machining accident involving a worker’s hands or perhaps a fall off of a high place on a construction site. But most workers’ compensation covers any injury or disease that classifies as work-related.

This might occur while using company equipment, but it might also mean a car accident while you are on company time.

Consider the employer

If your employer insists they do not have or need workers’ compensation insurance, you may want a second opinion. According to Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor & Industry, the state requires most employers to have workers’ compensation coverage. Some exceptions include railroad workers, longshoremen or federal employees — but that is because they have coverage through other workers’ compensation acts. Employees may request exemption due to certain factors.

This coverage starts your first day on the job and it is in place so that you have the support you need when injured in a work-related incident. Your previous physical condition does not affect that coverage.

If an employer claims they lack workers’ compensation or that your injury does not qualify for it, there are resources to double-check. If it does not qualify, you may still have the option for another lawsuit against the at-fault party to recover any costs.