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How dust exposure can damage your lungs

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2021 | Social Security Disability

As a worker in the Pennsylvania gas, mining or quarrying sector, you may take home a higher paycheck than people employed in other sectors. However, your job may also put you at risk for a broad range of conditions and illnesses, particularly those that affect the lungs.

According to Medline Plus, lung disease refers to a broad range of disorders that affect the lungs. It includes common issues, such as influenza and pneumonia, as well as more severe conditions that affect daily lives and routine tasks involved in completing job duties.

Effects of dust on the lungs

Your lungs bring oxygen from the atmosphere and deliver it throughout the body. They exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide, which you expel back into the air. Dust that remains in the respiratory system may result in bronchitis or inflammation of the trachea. Particles may settle at the end of the airways. Over time dust and dust-containing macrophages build up and cause injury to the lungs.

Diseases caused by dust in the lungs

Mining and quarrying produce significant dust. As a result, you may contract a variety of illnesses as a result of the environment. Dusty Lung is a general term for this type of ailment. The lung damage that results depends on the kind of dust. Silica exposure causes islands of scar tissue. Although lungs keep some of their elasticity, breathing is often difficult.

In contrast, the scar tissue from exposure to cobalt, beryllium and asbestos makes the lungs stiff. Consequently, you may need help breathing. Particles that dissolve in the bloodstream may affect the kidneys, brain and other organs.

The process necessary for Social Security Disability is typically time-consuming and tedious. Understanding the deadlines and requirements can help ensure you receive the benefits that can help you pay for medical care. If your condition results from an employer’s negligence, you may recover damages that include lost wages and medical care.