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Can I get workers’ compensation and SSD?

Workers’ compensation provides benefits related to work injuries. Social Security Disability provides benefits for long-term, serious injuries that prevent you from working. Because they both offer help when you suffer an injury, it is possible to get both benefits at the same time.

However, the Social Security Administration explains receiving workers’ compensation could reduce your SSD benefits.  It is essential to understand how any money you receive or better to get the impact your SSD payments.  It also is important to know when you must report other money you receive to the SSA to avoid any penalties.

Benefit limit

If you receive workers’ compensation and if SSD, there is a limit total that you can receive.  Based on your average earnings prior to your injury, the total amount you can receive in benefits when is 80%.  Due to this, the SSA we’ll likely reduce your SSD benefits.

Other situations

Sometimes you may get a lump sum payment for workers’ compensation.  This will also affect the total amount of SSD benefits you can receive.

You must report all income or benefits you receive to the SSA.  The SSA will then calculate your total benefits received and reduce your SSD to bring you to 80% of your average earnings. All you must do is let them know about the workers’ compensation, and they will handle the calculations and adjustment of your benefits.

You should make the SSA aware that you are receiving workers’ compensation when you apply for SSD.  This will help you avoid overpayment or other issues with your SSD benefits.