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Common mistakes that might harm your workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

After an injury on the job, you might be counting on workers’ compensation to help you cover your medical expenses and lost wages. However, your employer may not want to pay these benefits.

When you file for workers’ compensation, avoid these common mistakes that could jeopardize your claim.

Neglecting to report your injury within the required time period

In Pennsylvania, you must report an injury to your employer within 120 days, though there are some exceptions to this requirement. After this time period, your employer is no longer obliged to pay your workers’ compensation benefits.

If your employer denies blame after your report, you then have three years to file a compensation claim.

Underreporting your injuries

People underreport their injuries for many reasons, including guilt, embarrassment or fear, but doing so can prevent you from receiving the full compensation you deserve.

Hiding prior injuries or health conditions

After a workplace accident or injury, you may fear that preexisting illnesses and pain will damage your chances of receiving workers’ comp. Hiding these conditions can have legal implications and harm your chances of receiving full benefits.

Ignoring medical advice

Your medical records will affect any determinations made about your benefits. If you fail to follow the advice of your doctors, you may hurt yourself further and damage your claim.

Following a workplace injury, your employer may resist paying your benefits, but a strong and timely legal approach can help you receive the compensation you need to get back to your normal life.