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What if I injure my back at work?

When you work a physical job, whether you are in construction, manufacturing, transportation or health care, you might feel more than tired by the end of your daily shift. If you have been on the job awhile, you likely experience aches and pains a lot after a long day of work. But what if you injure your back at work and can barely move? What should you do then?

Back injuries in the workplace

Back injuries can be extremely painful and debilitating. They also are extremely common among work-related injuries – about 20% of all workplace injuries or illnesses are back injuries.

Some of the most common workplace back injuries include:

·       Strains (from overused or overstretched muscles)

·       Sprains (torn ligaments from sudden movements)

·       Herniated disk (damaging a disk in the spine from strain or age)

When you suffer a workplace back injury, even when it’s one that becomes more evident over time, you need to report it to your employer immediately. By doing so, you will ensure you can receive workers’ compensation for your injury.

You also need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. This is a crucial step in the workers’ compensation process. You want to have hard medical evidence of how serious your injury is and how long you may be out of work. You want a doctor to develop a treatment plan for you, so you can work toward recovery.

Then you need to follow your doctor’s treatment plan to treat your injury. If your doctor believes you need surgery to alleviate your back pain, you may need to have it. You also want to be careful not to return to work until you know you are physically ready. You don’t want to reinjure your back or cause complications in your workers’ comp claim.

Getting help when dealing with a workplace injury

You shouldn’t hesitate to contact a workers’ compensation attorney if you have any problems with receiving your benefits. You will need help if:

·       Your employer disputes you suffered your back injury at work.

·       Your workers’ comp provider claims your injury is a pre-existing injury and not eligible for coverage.

·       You face a long recovery time or may have a permanent disability because of your injury.

You shouldn’t have to worry about losing wages or how you will pay your medical bills after a workplace back injury. With the right help, you can avoid making any mistakes in the workers’ compensation process and ensure you receive your full benefits.