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Qualifying for social security disability payments

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2021 | Social Security Disability

For people who sustain injuries at work and cannot go back because of it, applying for Social Security disability payments may be a good option. Unfortunately, bills do not stop coming in just because an injury occurs. Without some form of income, this situation can quickly feel overwhelming.

In order to qualify for disability payments, there are a few qualifications that each candidate must meet.

What are the qualifications for disability payments?

According to the Social Security Administration’s website, people must accumulate enough work credits and meet the organization’s definition of disabled to qualify for payments. The number of work credits that someone needs depends on the age at which they become disabled. More information on earning work credits can be found here.

The Administration considers people as disabled if they meet several of the following criteria:

  • The applicant is either not working, or earns less than $1,310 per month
  • The applicant’s condition is severe
  • The applicant receives a diagnosis of a disabling condition
  • The applicant cannot perform the same work they previously did
  • The applicant cannot perform other types of work

There are special considerations that the Administration gives to people with certain disabilities.

How do applicants prove their disability?

For those who are ready to apply for disability payments, gathering any supporting documentation is necessary. According to FindLaw, some common documents to gather include the applicant’s entire medical history, any professional statements from physicians and evidence of listed conditions.

A personal journal may also be helpful when establishing a disability claim. Detailing everyday life and how pain affects an applicant’s ability to function can be a good way to establish credibility.