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The effect of returning to work on your SSD benefits

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2020 | Social Security Disability

Despite the setbacks of your disability, you may find yourself holding onto the hope that you can return to work someday in Pennsylvania. But what about your SSD benefits? Does returning to work mean you can no longer receive support even if your disability continues to compromise your skillset?

Fortunately, you may still maintain a degree of eligibility even if you return to work. Staying in constant contact with both your employer and the Social Security Administration can aid in your effort to arrange a beneficial agreement.

Earning potential and medical condition

The SSA fully acknowledges that just because your condition has improved and you have regained some abilities, your skillset may still lack what is necessary to perform your original job. As such, they allow you to reenter the workforce without removing your benefits if you meet certain criteria. According to the SSA, the only time they completely remove benefits are in the following scenarios:

  • Your medical condition has improved to the point it is no longer a disability according to the SSA’s evaluation metrics
  • Your job and your ability to work reach a substantial point and your earnings exceed the requirement to continue receiving benefits

Double-sided support

Upon your return to work, you should receive ample support from both your employer and the SSA. Your employer should help you identify if modifications will enable you to perform your job with added safety, comfort and productivity considering your disability. Likewise, the SSA provides incentives to aid in your transition back into the workplace including resources to help you rebuild skills and improve your performance.