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What conditions does the SSA fast-track for benefits?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Social Security Disability

You suffered an injury that you believe qualifies for Social Security Disability Insurance in Pennsylvania, but it could go further than that. Could your injury qualify for a fast-tracked decision from the Social Security Administration?

AARP explores conditions and claims that the SSA expedites for rapid benefits approval. Learn whether to look into speeding up your application and if you can expect to receive benefits faster.

Compassionate Allowances program

The SSA has a list of medical conditions that it quickly processes as part of its Compassionate Allowances program. Such conditions include neurodegenerative diseases, cancers, conditions that reach the terminal stage and rare genetic disorders. Anything else that the administration considers a disability may qualify for the program. Under this program, applicants receive a decision in days rather than months.

Applying for compassionate allowance

With the fast-track program, you do not have to intentionally apply for an expedited decision. Instead, the SSA sends electronic disability benefits applications through special software and the Quick Disability Determination software that checks for diseases and conditions included in its most-current program. Whether you qualify depends on the degree of your condition and your official diagnosis.

Say that you mail your application rather than submit it electronically. Even then, claims examiners can look over your documents and determine whether to fast-track the decision.

Waiting periods

If the SSA speeds up your processing time, you must still complete a waiting period. The earliest that you can expect to receive your initial benefit payment is five months from the day that the SSA determines you become disabled. This is one reason why you must submit detailed medical evidence with your application.