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Keys for workers’ compensation, injuries and occupational disease

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits are available for Pennsylvanians who suffer a job-related issue cannot work because of it. This can be due to an injury or an illness. While it might be relatively easy to understand that this coverage can be provided if a worker is physically injured, occupational illness can sometimes be confusing. There are different circumstances that warrant the benefits, the medical coverage and the amount of compensation the worker can get. Knowing the basics is key and this includes a physical injury and an occupational disease.

Injuries and occupational disease for workers’ compensation

Injuries are the easiest aspect of workers’ compensation benefits to grasp and, in general, often the easiest to have a clear decision on a claim. Most injuries are relatively simple to define. If a worker falls and suffers a head injury, a back injury, broken bones or any other problem that prevents them from working, it is considered a work-related injury and is compensable. Other ailments can lead to workers’ compensation benefits like carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive use. Workers who had a pre-existing condition can get benefits if work aggravates it. Finally, if there was a prior work-related injury or disability and it comes up again, this can warrant workers’ compensation benefits.

Occupational diseases can also result in an approval for benefits. If a worker is exposed to a disease and contracts it, workers’ compensation benefits may be possible. Coal miners who spend their time on the job exposed to coal dust can suffer from certain diseases specific to that work and be compensated for it. Many people work with chemicals and, if they are exposed and become ill, may be approved for benefits. Even if a disease is not mentioned by name, the worker may be able to prove that it came about because of the job and get benefits.

Legal assistance may be crucial for workers’ compensation

Regardless of the issue that is preventing the worker from getting back on the job, it may be necessary to have legal assistance to apply for the benefits. If the case is denied or there are other problems with it such as the worker being deemed partially disabled when the injury should result in total disability, having legal assistance can be the fundamental factor in the case. After the injury or occupational disease comes about, it is wise to call a legal professional experienced in workers’ compensation claims.