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Warning systems can be key in avoiding workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Pennsylvanians should be aware of all aspects of workplace safety. This is a wise step to avoid on-the-job injuries and their consequences. However, the employer is responsible for maintaining a safe workplace. When this fails, it could be a critical part of a workers’ compensation claim.

One way in which workplaces can be made safer is by implementing an notification system. Communication about the danger is essential. There are two areas where employers should focus their attention: speed and reach. With speed, the time it takes for the message to reach workers can have a strong influence on avoiding a workplace injury or death. Having message templates for potential hazards like weather, a malfunction, a spill or equipment failure can help inform employees faster. Targeted messaging for an emergency response team, security or the entire workforce should be factored in.

The reach of the message is imperative. In general, most workplaces will have a method of communication within their workforce. This could be text messaging, emails, phone calls or a different tailored system. If there are mass alerts, this can tell more workers about what is happening and elicit an appropriate response. Even just a simple button could put the system in motion. Having a message system in place avoids the need to determine what to do and say.

The messaging system and how it operates should be a focus if there is a workplace accident. If the absence of a coherent system to warn others leads to worker injury, it could be a fundamental part of a workers’ compensation case. The injured worker may require coverage for medical bills, lost wages and more during the recovery process. A workers’ compensation attorney may be able to help a hurt employee get approved for benefits.