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3 Steps to take immediately after a workplace injury

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2020 | Workplace Injuries

When a workplace accident leads to a serious injury for you, your whole life can change. Luckily, workers’ compensation allows most workers to seek the benefits they need in order to recover from their injuries and move on from the accident.

However, in order to get compensation for your injuries, there are a few crucial steps you need to take.

1. Report the accident

Your boss, manager or supervisor needs to know about the accident for a number of reasons. Most companies have an accident report record that needs to be filled out after accidents, no matter how serious they are.

Additionally, they will need to notify the company’s insurer in case you file a workers’ compensation claim. Finally, your boss will need to be aware of what caused the accident so that they address the situation, make changes and reinforce safety measures to ensure that no one else gets hurt.

2. Seek medical attention

This step might be obvious when it’s an emergency situation. However, if your injury doesn’t seem like it needs immediate medical attention, not seeking treatment can actually become problematic for you later on. It can be more difficult to prove that your injury was a direct result of a workplace accident if you wait too long.

Typically, Pennsylvania workers’ compensation requires you to see a company-chosen doctor within the first 90 days of your injury. Afterward, you can see your own physician as long as you notify the workers’ compensation insurer.

3. File a workers’ compensation claim

An injured worker has three years from the date of the injury to file a workers’ compensation claim. After that window of time expires, you can no longer receive benefits for the injuries you sustained.

Unfortunately, some workplace injuries can have long-lasting effects. Any ongoing treatment can have a serious financial impact on you. You might even have to stop working due to your injury, which can result in lost wages.

That’s why it’s crucial to file a claim for your injury as soon as possible, or at least within the three-year time frame. That way, you can receive the benefits you need to afford your recovery and support yourself and your family.