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Is depression treatment covered by workers’ compensation?

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Some people may joke about being depressed at having to go to work in Scranton, but for many, work-related depression is a very real issue that they are forced to deal with. If you count yourself among this group, then you may be questioning what sort of assistance is available to help you cover the costs of your condition. Workers’ compensation benefits may seem to be out of the question given the perceived difficulty in actually proving that your work is the cause of your depression. Yet is that really the case?

Depression, stress, anxiety and mental illness and the costs associated with their treatment may indeed be covered by workers’ compensation. To qualify, you must first be able to show that your depression is indeed related to your work. The first step in doing this is to consult with your physician, psychologist or therapist to establish an actual medical cause of your depression. Their opinions and recommendations can provide a solid foundation on which to build your claim.

After receiving evidence of medical causation, the state or governing workers’ compensation authority in your area will then typically assign your case for review. If you have reported your episodes of depression to your employers, those records can be included in such a review.

What if the depression you are experiencing is related to a workplace injury that you suffered? This may make proving your case much easier as you have already established causation. Employers also recognize the impact that injury-related depression can have. The online safety periodical EHS Today points out that 43 percent of those who suffer from depression experience difficulties at work. Continued benefits may be available to help in your recovery, as well as additional counseling resources to assist in you feeling comfortable at work again.