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Qualifying for Social Security disability due to depression

When you are struggling with psychological issues such as depression, many in Scranton may simply say that your problems are all “in your head.” Yet rather than implying that your problem may be something biological, the term instead suggests that your issue is one that can (and should) be overcome, and thus does not merit any additional assistance. Fortunately, if and when your depression interferes with your life, there is the possibility of securing disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. Many in your some position often come to us here at Steppacher Law concerned that the lack of sympathy others often show towards their struggles will be reflected by those determining their benefits eligibility. 

If you share the same concern, you will be relieved to know that your eligibility is not based on opinion, but rather clinical evidence. According to the SSA’s evaluation criteria, to qualify for disability benefits for depression, you must present clinical documentation showing that you struggle with at least five of the following criteria: 

  • Depressed mood
  • Limited interest in activities
  • Decreased appetite (evidenced by apparent weight loss)
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Agitated or depressed mental acuity
  • Decreased energy levels

Feelings of guilt or low self-esteem, difficulty focusing and suicidal ideation are also included in these criteria. 

In addition, it must be shown that your struggles with depression have produced either of the following: an extreme inability to manage tasks or interact with others, or that you have minimal capacity to adapt or deal with changes and challenges and ongoing mental therapy and a structured environment is needed to effectively manage your condition. 

You can learn more about the requirements to qualify for Social Security disability benefits by continuing to explore our site.