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Losing a loved one in a work-related traffic crash

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

There are various job-related risks that workers face in many fields, but some are especially dangerous. For example, those who work with dangerous machinery or regularly find themselves on the road may have a particularly high chance of becoming hurt or losing their life in an accident. Those who drive large trucks, delivery trucks and taxis face the risk of passing away in a traffic crash on a daily basis. Sadly, these accidents take place too frequently and can sometimes prove fatal.

If you have recently lost someone you love due to a job-related traffic accident, the emotional pain you are experiencing may be unbearable. You may be devastated by the accident as well as the knowledge that is was entirely preventable. For example, some other driver’s careless behavior may have caused the crash, such as ignoring the speed limit or driving drunk. Not only can the emotional side of this loss be very difficult, but you may also be going through financial problems. From funeral costs to losing your family’s primary source of income, the financial side of fatal crashes can be extremely challenging.

Victims of these wrecks and their families deserve justice. Sometimes, going to court and pursuing workers’ comp is the only way that people whose lives have been destroyed by these collisions can begin to recover. Filing a lawsuit can be difficult for someone who is emotionally and financially devastated by the loss of a close family member, but the careless behavior of the driver who caused the crash must be addressed.