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You Do Not Have To Navigate The Workers’ Compensation Process Alone

Navigating the workers’ compensation process can be complex and frustrating. For over 40 years we have served injured workers throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania, and we understand how difficult it can be for applicants to simply get the benefits they deserve.

Founding attorney William C. Steppacher, Sr., has spent his entire legal career fighting for injured workers. With more than four decades of legal experience in workers’ compensation law, he understands how to build an effective case for those injured on the job. William has a strong record of success in prior cases, recovering more than $200 million for past clients of our firm.

His years of experience allows him to provide knowledgeable counsel and effective guidance to individuals seeking workers’ compensation benefits. As a small, family-run law firm based in Scranton, we provide personal and attentive service, but we have the resources to successfully handle complex cases as well. As your workers’ compensation lawyer, we will help you complete necessary paperwork, deal with various challenges and walk through any necessary appeals.

The Benefit Of An Experienced Legal Ally

There are many benefits to having the assistance of an experienced legal ally as you walk through the workers’ compensation claims process. Our lawyers will tenaciously defend your interests and vigorously pursue the benefits you need, including providing strong legal representation when faced with the following complications:

  • The insurance company says there is no injury. If the insurance company denies your claim by saying you are not truly injured, we will employ our resources to validate your claim and demonstrate you do have a rightful claim to benefits.
  • The insurance company says the injury is not work-related. This may occur with some wear-and-tear injuries that develop over time. We help you demonstrate how your condition deteriorated because of your daily work responsibilities.
  • The insurance company says you are healthy enough to return to work: We help you see the right doctors and get expert testimony to establish that your injuries still require treatment before you will be able to go back to work.

Workers’ compensation cases take up a significant portion of our practice, and we have collected millions on behalf of our clients. We have the resources needed to fully develop your case, including consulting experts and performing thorough preparation in the pre-litigation stages. We are closely familiar with the law, we understand the claims process, and we are dedicated to your long-term success.

Call Today For The Help You Need

We are happy to discuss your case and explain why you could benefit from the assistance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Call us today at 570-800-2600 or email us to schedule a meeting at a suitable time.