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Applying for disability benefits to cover back issues

Many employees in Pennsylvania struggle with back pain to the point where it affects their quality of life and ability to work. Often, back issues are associated with physical labor. However, office workers and others who do not do physically strenuous tasks at work could also be impacted. The inability to sit or stand in one position for prolonged periods of time is a common complaint. Back problems are recognized as a category of impairments that may qualify for Social Security disability, but earning approval for benefits may prove elusive.

Potential new rule could impact SSD hearings and appeals

When Pennsylvania residents are suffering from disabling conditions, Social Security disability benefits can be a great help. The rules for hearings and appeals are an understated key to a case. New rules have been proposed that may impact SSD applicants, administrative law judges and the appeals process.

Medical vocation allowance could grant disability for depression

In some cases, depression can prevent a Pennsylvania resident from functioning and supporting themselves. Those suffering from the extreme effects of this mental health problem could potentially qualify for Social Security disability benefits. A disability examiner will want to see documented symptoms that fit the agency's impairment listing criteria. Fulfilling this requirement is extremely challenging for many applicants, but the medical vocation allowance part of the disability examination could result in approval because it takes into account a person's ability to perform a job.

Understanding joint tenancy arrangements

Those who own property with a spouse or another person may be able to title the property in a way that potentially avoids going through probate. Pennsylvania residents and others may achieve this goal by creating joint tenancy with right of survivorship. This means that when one owner dies, another will automatically inherit his or her share of the property. Generally speaking, such rights can only be granted if all owners have an equal share of the asset.

Basic criteria necessary for Social Security Disability benefits

A variety of circumstances, such as a terrible injury, progressive disease or debilitating mental health condition, could qualify someone in Pennsylvania for Social Security Disability benefits. Almost all severe physical or mental conditions that significantly limit people's ability to engage in normal daily activities could meet the standards to award SSD benefits.

Applying for SSD benefits more successful with familiarity

Social security disability benefits provide reliable and welcomed support for many families and individuals in Pennsylvania. However, before people can begin to receive any benefits, they must first qualify after having applied for assistance. If their application has been approved and their situation has been classified as eligible, they will begin to receive benefits. 

How can I appeal a denied claim?

When applying for Social Security disability coverage, you must be prepared for your claim to be denied. In this case, you can launch an appeal to ask that your claim is given further scrutiny to determine its merit. The appeals process can be very meticulous, so it's important that you understand what will occur so you can take the proper steps to prepare your case. The Social Security Administration offers the following information on appeals. 

How is disability determined?

If you’re pursuing benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA), you probably have questions about how your claim is determined. There are a number of factors that go into the SSA’s decision-making process and having a greater understanding of these factors will only improve your chances of success. In this case, SSA offers the following information to ensure applicants are fully aware of the process.

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